To the question about, fix zippo

Supposably, you was zippo. Served it to you more years. And suddenly bam - and it breaks. How to Apply in such situation? Just, about this we and tell in current article.
You may seem, that repair zippo - it pretty simple it. However this not quite so. Many pretty strongly wrong, underestimating complexity this business. However not should panic. Solve this task us help Agility and care.
Probably my advice seem unusual, but still for a start has meaning set question: whether fix zippo? may more rational will buy new? I think, has meaning least learn, how money is a new zippo. For it necessary just make desired inquiry rambler or google.
For a start sense find company by fix zippo. This can be done using every finder, eg, rambler or yandex. If price fix you want - consider question resolved. If no - in this case you have solve this question own.
So, if you still decided own hands practice mending, then in the first instance necessary learn how repair zippo. For these objectives there meaning use any finder, or read appropriate forum.
I think this article least little help you solve this question.

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